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(AUT)CAST offers custom solutions for websites and small web applications. Whether you are a small business that needs a new or updated web presence, an organization, or a person who just wants a personal website - we will create your custom, professional web solution.

You can host your finished website or web application on your own server, or we can do that for you! You won't have to worry about web space, domain registrations, or email setup - we handle it all.

With over a decade of experience in programming, development, and design, the (AUT)CAST team is proficient with the newest technologies, and guarantees to find the perfect solution to your needs. And all that at a very competitive price!

Our roots are both in Austria and the United States of America. We offer our services both in English and German, and serve clients from the USA and Europe.


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Website or
Web App?

Whether you need a website or web application depends on what features you want to offer. A typical website is informative, and can consist of either multiple pages or a single page with multiple areas (like the one you're looking at right now for instance!). A specific layout usually structures the website's content. There is little to no user input present on a website, hence a website can be hosted without the need of a 3-tier-architecture (UI, Services, Database), and instead a simple webspace is enough to publish the website. Websites are generally faster developed, and therefore cheaper than web applications.

A web application on the other hand is a website with user input. Login, forms, controls, etc. allow the user to interact with the website and its content, and the web application is able to store and retrieve data from a database. The development requires the setup of a 3-tier-architecture (UI, Services, Database), and therefore is more complex. A web application can be deployed to a private server, or to a cloud server such as Microsoft Azure or AWS.

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